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Cable Technologies (UK) Limited is a Specialist Wholesale Distributor of 3M Cable Accessories and Electrical Products in the UK. Our distribution centre is located in Yorkshire with fast motorway links throughout the UK. We distribute 3M Electrical Products and Cable Accessories thoughout the UK. Our range covers the following;

Low Voltage Cable Jointing
LV Cable Joints including 3M Scotchcast Resin Joints across Economy Resin Joints, Standard Resin Joints, Premium Resin Joints, and Hazardous Area Resin Joints. In addition we supply LV Cold Shrink Cable Joint Kits using 3M Cold Shrink Technology. We offer Low Voltage Cable Joints for Jointing Single Core and Multi Core Cables from 600/1000 Volt to 1.9/3.3kV. When choosing your LV Joint Kits, don't forget to pick up all your Electrical Tapes and any Electrical Sprays and Lubricants you may need for the job. Also please don't forget to check out our Cable Lugs and Connectors Section which includes the innovative range of Scotchlok Electrical and Scotchlok Data Insulation Piercing Connectors and see our Earthing Section for Braids and Constant Force Springs.

Low Voltage Cable Terminations
Low Voltage Cold Shrink Termination Kits including Indoor LV Cable Terminations and Outdoor LV Cable Terminations for Single Core and Three Core Cables from 600/1000 Volt up to 1.9/3.3kV.

When choosing your LV Joint Kits and LV Cold Shrink Terminations, don't forget to order your Electrical Tapes and any Electrical Sprays and Lubricants you may need for the job.

Medium Voltage Cable Jointing
MV Cable Joints including 3M 11kV Joint Kits. This encompasses 11kV Straight Joints, 11kV Branch Joints, 11kV Transition Joints, 11kV Trifurcating Transition Joints. As with our Low Voltage Range, we support this with a range of Medium Voltage Cable Jointing Accessories, Cable Jointing Resins, and Cable Jointing Tapes.

Medium Voltage Cable Terminations
Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Termination Kits including 3M 11kV Termination Kits. This covers 11kV Single Core Indoor Cable Terminations, 11kV Single Core Outdoor Cable Terminations, 11kV Three Core Indoor Cable Terminations, 11kV Three Core Outdoor Cable Terminations. As with our Low Voltage Cable Joints and LV Terminations, please see our MV Termination Accessories Section for Top Hat Glands and Barrier Boots, Our Earthing Section for Constant Force Springs plus you'll find a full range of Jointing Tapes and Mastics in our Electrical Tapes section.

3M Scotch Electrical Tapes
This range is focused primarily on 3M Electrical Tapes and Mastics for Cable Jointing Applications, including Scotch Electrical Insulation Tape, Scotch Self Amalgamating Tape, Scotch Electrical Mastics, Scotch Cable Marking Tape, Scotch Corrosion and Fire Protection Tape and Scotch General Purpose Tape.

3M OEM Electrical Tapes
Our range of high quality Electrical Tapes for many electrical environments includes 3M Antistatic Tape, 3M Acetate Cloth Insulating Tape, 3M Epoxy Tape, 3M Filament Reinforced Tape, 3M Paper Electrical Tape, 3M Polyester Insulating Tape, 3M Polyimide Tape, and 3M PTFE Tape. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and Im sure we are able to provide you with a 3M Electrical Tape to suit your needs.

Cold Shrink Cable Accessories
Our Cold Shrink range includes EPDM Cold Shrink Tubes, Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tubes, Cold Shrink Cable End Caps, Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits, Cold Shrink Diameter Extension Foam and the innovative Smoke Toxicity, Flame and Fume Shield for use with cable joints such as 3M Cold Shrink LV Joints.

Heatshrink Cable Accessories
Our Heatshrink Range includes a wide selection of 3M Heatshrink Tubes, 3M Heatshrink Breakout Boots and 3M Heatshrink Cable End Caps.

Cable Marking
This includes Cable Markers in either the 3M Scotchcode Cable Markers or the 3M Grafoplast Cable Marking Range, a great choice of 3M Label Printers and Label Embossers, together with a wide selection of 3M Label Printer Cartridges for all your Cable Marker needs.

Sprays, Lubricants and Coatings
You are in the right place if you need 3M Electrical Insulating Sprays, 3M Dehumidifier Sprays, 3M Anti Corrosion Spray, 3M Rust Remover, or if you need a complete Corrosion Protection System. Please call us or send us an email if you need to discuss your requirements.

Cable Cleaning and Cable Pulling
Please choose from our selection of Low Friction Cable Pulling Solutions which include Light Duty Cable Pulling Lubricants and Heavy Duty Cable Pulling Lubricants. Once you are ready to prepare the cables for jointing, please see our excellent 3M Cable Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes and our Cable Cleaning Kits.

3M Electrical Resins
Our Electrical Resins range covers Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Resin for a wide range of Potting, Casting and Impregnating requirements.