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3M Cable Repair Kits - Heat Shrink

Our 3M Heat Shrink Cable Repair Kits offer a fast solution to repair damage to cable sheathing / jacketing and uses a wraparound heatshrink sleeve which has a hot melt adhesive inner coating. The Heatshrink Cable Repair Sleeve is fully sealed with a corrosion resistant metal clip. 3M Heat Shrink Cable Repair Kits feature the 3M HDCW range which are heat shrink wraparound sleeves used to quickly and effectively repair damaged outer sheathing on cables and are offered in various sizes and diameters. The heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves are also used for corrosion protection with non damaged cables and joints as an additional precaution. For further information on these hugely popular cable repair kits from 3M please refer to the 3M data sheet or contact us.

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