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3M Scotch Corrosion Protection System

3M ScotchAll Weather Corrosion Protection System consists of 3M Scotchrap 50 and 51 Tapes, Scotchrap, Pipe Primer, and 3M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty. When these products are used together in accordance with manufacturer recommended instructions, they provide a highly effective and reliable corrosion protection solution. 3M Scotchrap Tapes 50 and 51 are tough, polyvinyl chloride based tapes with special high tack adhesives that are designed to resist corrosion of metal piping systems above and below ground, fittings and joints on all mill-coated pipe and electrical conduit systems. 3M Scotchrap Pipe Primer is a quick-dry, non-sagging rubber base primer that permeates metal surface pits and irregularities, allowing surfaces to be prepared ready for application of the Scotchrap tapes. Scotchrap Pipe Primer is compatible with the special adhesives on the Scotchrap tapes, as it enhances adhesion. 3M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty is used as a build-up compound on highly irregular surfaces such as fittings and valves, providing a smooth, waterproof taping surface. Scotchfil putty is soft and pliable. To apply the engineer simply has to press putty into place on irregular surfaces, mold with finger pressure and over tape using standard methods. For further information please refer to the 3M All Weather Corrosion Protection System data sheet or contact us.

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