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3M Scotch Electrical Insulating Sprays

3M Scotch1601 and Scoch 1602 Insulating sprays are insulating and covering spray paints based on alkyd resin. The Spray “hardens” into a flexible and resistant film, with excellent adhesion to most common surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, wood, etc. 3M Scotch1601 and Scotch1602 insulating sprays are resistant to UV-rays, acids, oil and alkalis. They are moisture resistant and weatherproof and are especially characterised by their high dielectric strength. 3M Scotch1601 Insulating Spray is Clear in colour and 3M Scotch1602 is Red in colour. For more information on 3M ScotchElectrical Insulating Sprays, please refer to the 3M data sheet or contact us for more information.

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